UGA doing virtual reality hurricane, storm surge study in coastal areas

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The University of Georgia is looking for your help in a study about responding to hurricanes, storm surge and flooding in coastal communities.

There are several sessions that they are in need of volunteers – one Tuesday on Tybee is full but there are some additional sessions in Savannah and Brunswick that they still need to fill.

The University of Georgia received a $ 500,000 grant from NOAA for this project.

Participants in the study will use Virtual Reality to experience storm surge and mitigation behaviors.

The responses help researchers understand how people process risk information and determine if virtual reality is an effective way to understand the threat of storm surge and what to do about it – versus traditional methods like a powerpoint or paper handout.

“That puts people into a hurricane situation where they experience storm surge and the flooding from a hurricane and they are given the opportunity to do something to make themselves safer like elevating their house, purchasing flood insurance, they experience the hurricane again and see the impact to their property lessened and they are more protected, ”said Jill Gambill with the University of Georgia.

They will take the data and make any adjustments to the program before rolling it out nationwide for a virtual reality program informing the public about hurricanes.

If you would like to participate you just have to be over the age of 18 and you will get a $ 20 gift card for the 90 minute session.

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