Trailblazing and historic, Heineken® Silver’s Tri-Dome at Silververse was jaw-dropping, and here’s why!

At Heineken® Silver’s smoothest mega party in Bangalore, we witnessed the landing of a unique concept like Silververse with breath-taking projection mapping on the iconic UB Tower, cutting-edge virtual reality and immersive gaming experiences.

Everything about the Bangalore Silververse was beyond our expectations and TBH, we thought we had seen it all!

Well, that was until the Silververse landed in Mumbai.

Here are the deets.

Remember the futuristic tunnels that took people to the Silververse at UB Tower? Now imagine something twice as futuristic and thrice as exuberant.

That’s the Tri-Dome for you. Imagine 3 mega structures Dome- two 20-meter Domes and one massive 40-meter Dome connected by futuristic Silververse tunnels with dynamic LED screens featuring Silververse avatars like the Dancing Spaceman!

Think the wildest Sci-fi spaceship – only 1000x more awesomeness.

The Silververse Tri-Dome brought with it new-age music, futuristic technology, and never-before-seen experiences.

Oh and did we mention pocket-sized drones that zipped and hummed across the layout with tiny cameras, capturing instagrammable moments for the on-ground audience on the fly (pun unintended).

Heineken®’s Silververse was from the distant future and out of this world.

The gaming Dome offered a hyperactive adrenaline rush mixed for Gen Z with immersive VR games that blurred the line between the real world and the world of artificial intelligence. Added to this were interactive games in virtual reality, extraordinary visuals, and jaw-dropping graphics. Think gaming nirvana? Yes, that’s how it felt in real life!

While the gaming Dome was a visual delight, the music Dome reverberated with earth-shattering energy as GEN-Z grooved to the electronic tunes of new-age artists like Komorebi, Midival Punditz and Monica Dogra! Their unexpectedly “smoooth” performances passed the vibe check for the swankiest party Maximum City has seen to date!

Last but not least, the biggest 40-meter Dome served as the “launch pad,” and was the main highlight of the party. If the projection mapping on UB Tower was a sight to behold, what we saw inside the Dome amped it up to the next level. The audience was left spellbound as they witnessed the birth of a star – the all-new Heineken® Silver in Mumbai – that was projected onto a massive 6000 square-feet area using some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the world today!

I mean, we can’t even!

OG Dash Berlin took the stage and the starstruck crowd went into an absolute frenzy. This legendary act was then followed by the insane theatrics of Wolf Pack who elevated the vibe even higher with their signature merchandise like their signature flags, which they threw into the crowd. No kidding!


Oh, and how can we forget the Star Zone? It was set up at the center of the Tri-Dome where Gen Z could leave the Dome of their choice and catch their breath and unwind to Unexpected Smoothness while grooving to tunes of Bombay Bassment.


Feeling FOMO? Who wouldn’t? Sources reveal that the Silververse spaceship is all set to launch in Goa soon.

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Disclaimer: This article is a paid partnership.


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