Technology: Renpho True View Eye Massager

A multi-mode temple and eye massager from Renpho.

Good points?

With five modes utilizing combinations of compression, heat, vibration and music, the massager is designed to help alleviate eye strain without being a one-size fits all product.

This allows you to select a more tailored solution depending on your situation as those with light or sound sensitive migraines, for example, wouldn’t want vibration or music playing.

The gadget has a built-in speaker and two soothing music tracks ready to relax you. Alternatively, this output device can be paired via Bluetooth with an audio source of your choice for a more personal experience.

Designed for functional comfort, the unit includes an adjustable elastic headband, heating pads and visor. An operating temperature range of 40-42C (104-107F) means you can use it almost anywhere.

A rounded visor with mirrored shell gives a sleek futuristic look reminiscent of a virtual reality headset. Each eyepiece has a vision window which allows you to see out and interact with the world, such as watching television or eating as normal.

The device has a usage time of 110 minutes and is charged by a USB-C cable connection, a process that takes three hours to complete.

Bad points?

It can be difficult to adjust the device to fit smaller heads and the padding is not as plump as previous models.

Best for…

Those who want to spell out the potential effects of blue light, stress, prolonged studying and sleep apnea on the eyes and surrounding areas.

Avoid if…

You have a dislike of blood-pressure monitor straps as the inflation technique is very similar in how it operates and feels.

Score: 8/10.

Renpho True View Eye Massager, £54 (

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