New technology is shaping the future of work

COVID has given employers and employees plenty of time to envision how they see the future of work.

In this week’s top stories, the world of work continues to adapt, as employers implement new technology and make cultural shifts. For many who have missed in-office dynamics, the metaverse could be a high-tech solution – employees may soon be “walking” around the office as avatars, “shaking hands” with colleagues, and attending virtual reality meetings, predicts David Whalen, CEO of Engage XR, a metaverse-building platform.

“The metaverse is a spatial way of communicating, where you feel like you’re in the same room with somebody – you can bring in PowerPoint presentations, you can write on the blackboards and it’s a more engaging environment,” he says.

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But not everything about the future needs to be high-tech. To entice women back to work, employers need to invest in child care benefits and improve salary equity. Some states are doing better than others, as WalletHub rounded up the best and worst states for working moms.

And as new grads enter the workforce, they will naturally shape the future of work. Nearly two million people are expected to graduate with a bachelor’s degree this year – a career expert shares the industries most eager to hire them, and how they can stand out from the crowd.

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