L’Oréal patents makeup artist virtual makeup app for Augmented Reality images and video streaming

Writing in its first international patent [I​​], L’Oréal said the digital makeup artist app offered consumers beauty routine information; common makeup looks to choose from; cosmetic product recommendations based on skin type and ethnicity; and the ability for users to store look preferences. Users interacted with the platform via image capture and a dialogue box, with machine-learning used to analyze individual faces.

The result? A digital cosmetic ‘look’ that could be stored and used as an online profile picture across a range of social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Snapchat, or used as an overlay to live video streaming on the likes of Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

The digital makeup artist

A significant part of the app, L’Oréal said, was a digital makeup artist – either presented in the form of an avatar or image of a real person.

“There is a need to provide a custom try-on experience for a particular user that allows interaction in a manner that is comparable to the experience that the user may have with a personal makeup artist,” L’Oréal wrote in its patent filing.

“There is a need for a makeup experience in which the personal makeup artist teaches a user the steps to get a desired look on their own face,” It said.

While many social media apps had been developed enabling consumers to create cartoon avatars with customized hairstyles, hair colors and makeup, L’Oréal said many users would likely prefer posting a made-up image of their own face – a desire this app aimed to plug .


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