Twitter will soon be a little less annoying for a lot of people

With or without Elon Musk at the helm, Twitter can’t seem to decide what to do with its algorithmic timeline, currently labeled “for you,” which shows tweets it thinks you’ll like, whether or not you follow twitter.

For years, it has messed with not only the algorithm, but also the extent to which it forces the timeline on users.

In 2016, you had to actively choose the algorithmic timeline if you wanted to see it. Then Twitter made it the default, a move that annoyed users who preferred to go straight to their carefully curated chronological feed. Twitter eventually relented and set it so that when you reopened the app, you would return to the timeline you last looked at.

But a few weeks ago, it made the “for you” timeline the default again, forcing users to swipe the screen to access the chronological timeline, which is currently called “following.”

The return to “for you” by default upset many people (again). The good news is that Twitter has relented (again) and will soon show the same feed you last used every time you reopen the app (again!).

“Did any of you (all of you) ask for your timeline to default to where you last left it?” Twitter Support said in a tweet on Wednesday.

It added that starting now on the web version of Twitter, the service will remember which timeline you used, so you don’t have to mess around switching feeds if you want the chronological timeline. The same change will be made to the iOS and Android Twitter apps, but the company could only say that it’s “coming soon.”

It’s clear why Twitter wants to push its algorithmic feed, since it shows a lot of tweets from people you don’t follow, a design that supposedly increases engagement on the service, increases connections throughout the platform and allows Twitter to bring these data to advertisers.

However, with the chronological feed, the user feels that they have more control over the content as they see tweets from those they follow, including their retweets. Also, this timeline feels more organized as the posts are displayed with the most recent at the top and not all cluttered as they are in the “for you” feed

Perhaps this latest change will finally put the matter to bed. Although we wouldn’t bet on it.

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