Score the best Android phone for $ 300 off for Prime Day

There’s no question that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series tops the list of best available Android phones this year. As for which of the three is the best, that’s a matter of debate, but if you go based on Android Central’s rankings – and my personal opinion, as the person who reviewed the phone – the Galaxy S22 Plus is the best Android phone to buy right now. And it’s currently on sale for $ 700 (opens in new tab)a 30% discount and the lowest price we’ve ever seen on the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus strikes a great sweet spot between the massive S22 Ultra and petite S22 (both of which are also 30% off (opens in new tab) for Prime Day, if you’d prefer a different size). It has a fantastic 6.6-inch 120Hz display that’s bright enough to be readable in direct sunlight, packaged inside of a stylish design that’s comfortable for one-handed use despite its size. It lacks some of the camera and display upgrades of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the S22 + is the more reasonably affordable option that has all the essentials most people need.

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