Our favorite iPhone has a seriously tempting offer attached

If you’re looking for a new iPhone but don’t want to pay the usual high price, this deal might be for you.

Fonehouse is currently offering the iPhone 12 on a 24-month three contract for just £29 a month, with no down payment. That’s a total price of £696, which is only slightly more than Apple still charges to buy the iPhone 12 outright.

Get an iPhone 12 for £29 a month with no down payment

Fonehouse is offering the iPhone 12 on contract for just £29 per month with no upfront costs.

  • Fonehouse
  • No advance fee
  • £29 a month

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Considering you also get a two-year contract with unlimited texts and calls and a generous 100GB of data, it’s a particularly tempting iPhone deal.

The iPhone 12 represents the latest pivot for Apple’s smartphone lineup, introducing a bold new square design language with MagSafe connectivity that continues to this day. Both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are essentially smaller variations of the iPhone 12 with updated processors and cameras.

Even in the latter two areas, the iPhone 12 is hardly lacking. With Apple’s custom A14 Bionic chip driving things along, the iPhone 12 still performs superbly. Its Geekbench 5 single-core score continues to top recent Android flagships.

On the camera front, the iPhone 12 remains an excellent performer. “The real strength of the iPhone 12’s camera lies in its reliability,” we said in our review, with Smart HDR 3 and Deep Fusion technology doing “a fantastic job of smoothing colors and dynamic range”.

Given that Apple is still selling the iPhone 12 new, and the company’s proven track record of supporting its phones for up to five years, you can be sure that this is a future-proof purchase.

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