How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on Your iPhone

Getting confused by all the random Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone? Learn to edit their names to keep all your devices in order.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones paired to your iPhone often tend to have generic names. It can get tricky to identify which name belongs to a particular device, especially when a long list of paired devices shows up on your screen. However, there’s a quick fix to this.

You can rename any Bluetooth device connected to your iPhone to help you identify it better. All you need is an active Bluetooth connection and a couple of minutes. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to rename a Bluetooth device on your iPhone.

Rename a Bluetooth Device From the Settings

To change the name of a Bluetooth device, you first need to ensure that your iPhone is connected to the device itself. You can not rename a device if it is not connected to your mobile phone.

After connecting, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings and go to Bluetooth.
  2. All devices have an information icon next to their name (with the letter in). Tap on the icon for the connected device you want to rename.
  3. Select Name.
  4. Type in the desired name and go back to the previous page to finish the process.

With AirPods in the loop, Apple users frequently tend to use this feature to change the names of the AirPods when multiple pairs are connected to their iPhones.


Why Should You Change the Name of a Bluetooth Device?

Many of us have been in a position where we were trying to connect to a Bluetooth device with a non-specific name, only for it to fail. Often times, there might be Bluetooth errors that can easily be fixed by changing the name. Other times, we’re just connecting to the wrong one. Pretty laughable, isn’t it?

Stating the obvious, renaming a Bluetooth device will help maintain individuality, make identification easier, declutter your devices list, and increase efficiency.

Change the Name of Your Bluetooth Devices to Avoid Confusion

Once you use Bluetooth to connect a device to your iPhone, take a moment to quickly change the name to help you avoid confusion for future use. Doing so will not affect your connection in any other way.

Apart from changing the name you see on your device, you can also alter what other users see when connecting to your iPhone by changing the name of your iPhone device.

Change the iPhone name

How to Change the Name of Your iPhone

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