Ban on cell phones part of updated code of conduct for Staunton schools

STAUNTON – Staunton City Schools updated its student handbook and code of conduct Monday night with the approval of the school board.

Among the changes that may cause the most concern for students is a restriction on cell phone use in the classroom. This also includes the use of earbuds, smartwatches and other electronic communication devices during the school day, per the policy.

“Video and audio recordings are not permitted,” the policy reads. “All personal electronic devices must be turned off and put away during instructional time. Students will be allowed to use their phones during lunch and between classes. ”

Superintendent Garett Smith said teachers have authority to allow students to use phones in class if needed for a project.

Failure to follow this policy, the school division said, can result in up to three days of out-of-school suspension as well as poor school standing, another new item in the policy.

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