Woman’s video of her grandfather’s last Mexican meal leaves Internet in tears | Trending

The video of an elderly man enjoying his last Mexican meal was shared on Instagram.

The Internet is full of videos showcasing grandparents trying to get along with the times and trying many new things. From learning how to operate a smartphone to trying international cuisines, grandparents try every bit to level up with time. Case in point, this video of a grandfather trying his first and last international cuisine. The video has left people in tears and may also make you emotional.

“My Nana did not like spicy food but always asked me to bring some more cans of the Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce when I came home next, because my Chipotle sauce ended up becoming one of his favorite chutneys for everything. Go hug your grandparents , “reads the caption of the video posted on Instagram. The video shows an elderly man, who preferred Indian cuisine over any other, complementing and enjoying Mexican food, so much so that he finished everything on his plate.

A text insert on the video reads, “My grandfather grew up eating Indian food three times a day and preferred Indian cuisine over any other.” The video further explains that the woman wanted her grandfather to try different cuisines and decided to cook an international cuisine each time she visited India from the United States. For his first international meal, she cooked Mexican cuisine, which sadly turned out to be his last international cuisine.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared a few days ago, the share has amassed over four lakh views. It has also accumulated more than 13,200 likes. The share reminded people about their grandparents as many flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“That clean plate says it all..he was your biggest fan I never got a chance to cook for my grandparents, grandfather in particular and I know his plate would have been just like this!” shared an individual. “This reminded me of my grandfather who tried a different cuisine out of his comfort zone when he came to see me in US. I miss him everyday and just cherish the moments we spend together. This post bought me tears,” commented another. “Reminded me of my nanaji. He loved eating fancy food and would always take me to Trattoria or Taj during my annual trips to Mumbai,” posted a third.

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