This video of father dropping his son at the train station is making the internet emotional

The video has got more than 9.8 lakh views on Instagram.

Fathers have their own way of expressing love to their children. One such video has appeared on the Internet, shared by a visual artist. The video shows what his father does every time he drops him off at the railway station. His act of love is winning hearts on the internet.

The viral video, which was posted by Pawan Sharma on October 28, 2022, shows Mr. Sharma’s father walking alongside the train. In the post, Mr Sharma explained his father’s loving gesture, he wrote, “Every time my father comes to drop me…And he walks with me till I disappear”. In the caption, he wrote: “This is emotional every single time.”

Watch the video here:

The video has got more than 9.8 lakh views on Instagram. The clip has made netizens emotional, one user wrote, “My dad also does the same every time he comes to see me.” Another user wrote: “It’s their own way of showing love.”

The third user commented: “Only he knows how sad he was then and can’t cry just because he’s a man.”

The fourth user expressed, “Such a beautiful post. Now everyone takes Uber.. no one comes to drop off or pick up. The joy of looking out and seeing someone who has come to receive you is priceless! Similarly, the heavy feeling as the train chugs away from those you love.”

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