Perimeter 81’s malware protection protects users from Internet-borne threats

With the continued shift to cloud services to support remote work, the threat of malware continues to grow, expanding every company’s attack surface. The first half of 2022 saw 2.8 billion malware attacks, with more than 270,000 “never-seen-before” malware variants used, according to Sonicware’s mid-year report, a 45% increase from last year.

Perimeter 81 added malware protection to strengthen its security offering and better protect its customers from Internet-borne risks.

Perimeter 81’s malware protection requires no setup by administrators and protects against downloaded or web-embedded malware. It is activated when a user logs into the agent and automatically applies an additional level of protection without affecting the user experience. Perimeter 81’s malware protection has the advantage of protecting users when they are connected to the corporate network as well as when accessing the Internet directly.

Clients can use malware protection to secure their users against any Internet-based threat such as viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, phishing, adware, spyware, and advanced persistent threats that can harm the organization via ransomware, extortion, data breaches, and more.

Perimeter 81’s malware protection uses a combination of continuously updated signature-based detection and advanced machine learning-based capabilities to identify and block complex polymorphic and zero-day attacks. Combined with existing web filtering, Perimeter 81 now offers more robust protection for users of all businesses and corporate networks against the dangers of the Internet.

“Malware protection is increasingly important for organizations to arm themselves with to avoid threats like HavanaCrypt,” said Amit Bareket, CEO at Perimeter 81. “This advances Perimeter 81’s converged network security offering to easily connect and secure any business network with a hardware-free, cloud-based service.”

When malware protection is active, Perimeter 81’s platform inspects web traffic (including file downloads, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more) and looks for potential malware before allowing access. If the traffic is cleared, it is sent to the browser. If a threat is detected, it is blocked and users see a notification page. Administrators can view reports of blocked malware, which can then be exported for further analysis.

Malware protection complements Perimeter 81’s converged network security offering, which includes Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), and web filtering on a single platform with a single agent and unified management. Consolidating these services allows administrators to simplify operations with fewer tools and offer full network security.

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