New Fairfield launches survey to measure interest in local broadband

NEW FAIRFIELD – A study is underway to examine the feasibility and gauge interest in a possible community-owned broadband fiber network.

New Fairfield is participating in a Western Connecticut Council of Governments-funded project to explore opportunities for fast, affordable and reliable broadband for residents and businesses in its 18 member communities.

In addition to a nine-question online survey, WestCOG collects internet bills as part of the survey to determine how much residents are currently paying for internet and compare that to advertised prices for the services.

With the goal of maximizing value by reducing access costs by 30 percent and increasing Internet speed and reliability, the WestCOG project — if it were to move forward — would not raise taxes and participation in the network would be voluntary, according to the city of New Fairfield’s website.

Not only could a municipal fiber optic broadband network improve economic development, according to the city, but it could help foster innovation and improve public safety, education and other local services.

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