Letter: An internet-only future for the BBC? It’s a questionable move

I have little faith that the BBC can handle this, says one reader

This letter to the editor is in response to Radio World editor-in-chief Paul McLane’s recently published article “A BBC Without Broadcast?” Comment on this or any article. E-mail (email protected).


I read the column today that the British BBC is considering ending radio and television broadcasting. This is a questionable move.

When I read BBC director general Tim Davie stated “A switch off will and should happen over time and we should be active in planning for it.” it made me laugh. All of this involved ensuring that UK households have access to fixed broadband and 5G mobile. Yes sure.

All of the above will require money to do all the work to give the British public access to BBC programming. I don’t know what public the BBC director is talking about. Does this public include the less fortunate or the poor? I have little faith that the BBC can pull this off.

Of course, it doesn’t mention that if the internet goes down for some reason, how is the public going to get their news and entertainment? Someone’s head is in heaven.

– Dan Ramos

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