Is the internet’s newest hangout world worth a try?

No matter how toxic social media can be at times, no one can deny how it has become so easy to connect and reconnect with friends through this platform. Heck, one network can already be enough to use it for all social needs – you might prefer Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or even Discord.

And yet, even with the pandemic slowly abating and almost everyone on the go, people still prefer to use social media to pass the time. Anything is possible on the internet when you put your mind to it – you can create your own avatar, customize your own room, explore virtual rooms and meet new people on different servers!

Now there is this new virtual platform that has caught everyone’s attention and you might have seen some of your friends trying it out too. Its name is Bondee and it was recently launched by Singapore-based tech startup Metadream.

So what is Bondee all about?

Bondee is a meta-universe social networking platform that allows friends to interact and chat with each other in a virtual world. In the app, you can customize your avatar to create a mini version of yourself – complete with your own space to decorate and a hangout spot for you and your friends.

Some Filipinos are already on the app themselves and are clearly having so much fun with it.

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Bondee tweets - 2
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You might even think that it is so similar to ‘The Sims’ or other games. Well, you’re not entirely wrong. In relation to this platform having some advantages and disadvantages, it is still too early to say. Since it is a newly launched app, there are sure to be more updates in the near future!

So if you have FOMO, you might as well join the club! There’s nothing wrong with trying something new anyway.

By the way, we are also at Bondee! Find us at @inqpop.

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