Internet fan casts new Rick & Morty votes after Roiland firing

Following the dismissal of Justin Roiland from the series, internet fans are pitching potential new Rick and Morty voices for the future.

Despite the dismissal of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland following allegations of domestic abuse, Adult Swim has confirmed it is still moving forward with Season 7 of the show and plans to stick with its current plan of at least 10 seasons, and fans are now casting potential replacements. The sci-fi animated comedy first aired in 2013, created by Roiland and Community creator Dan Harmon, and has become one of the most popular current television series. Roiland was responsible for voicing both Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, as well as a number of other supporting characters throughout the show’s run, meaning his firing has huge implications going forward, including Harmon now serving as the sole showrunner.


Fans of Rick and Morty have now taken to social media to make some suggestions for actors to take over the roles now that Roiland will be recast, with some even auditioning for the roles themselves. Although Roiland played both roles, a recast doesn’t necessarily follow this trend, as many users on Twitter have also joked that Chris Pratt will be announced as the replacement following his surprise casting as Mario sometime in the future. That Super Mario Bros. movie and Garfield in the 2024 film of the same name. Some of the fan reactions can be seen below:

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Why it’s important to find a new voice actor(s) for Rick & Morty

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty now faces the challenging task of replacing someone who played the two main roles as well as a host of other minor and recurring characters. Since Adult Swim is still pursuing their original plans to continue the show, it is critical that they find a suitable replacement or replacements. Like the titular characters, it’s impossible for the network to take any other direction, and with the show’s popularity already steadily declining since Season 3 — Season 6 averaged less than 600,000 nightly US viewers per week. section – Rick and Morty may be at risk of cancellation if it loses more of its viewership.

Over the course of the show’s decade-long run, Rick and Morty’s voices have become both iconic and instantly recognizable. Morty is characterized by a squeaky, scratchy vocalization, and Rick’s belching and belching is one of his most memorable traits. It remains to be seen if Adult Swim chooses to find an actor or actors capable of closely replicating the existing voices, or if they might try to create a new spin. The latter option seems far more risky, as changing the two main characters like this could be very poorly received, but if done correctly, it could revitalize the show and distance itself from the now-disgraced Roiland, especially given the multiverse nature of the show.

Now that Roiland has been fired, a lot of room has been freed up for potentially more voice actors to join the cast. The co-creator voiced plenty of supporting and recurring characters, including Mr. Meeseeks and Mr. Poopy butthole. Rick and Morty may expand its cast now, potentially creating new recurring characters to replace those previously voiced by Roiland. While his firing may seem like a huge setback for the show, it now has the perfect opportunity to reinvent itself and try to win back some of the lost audience.

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