Aretha Franklin Natural Woman Controversy Leaves Internet Confused

The late American singer Aretha Franklin’s song (You make me feel like) A natural woman was recently criticized by an activist group for having offensive lyrics, a move that sent the internet into a frenzy.

On Jan. 21, a Norway-based LGBTQ activist group, The Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance, took to its Twitter handle to slam Franklin’s 1968 song, saying it “has helped inspire acts of harm against transgender women. “

It is completely idiotic, insane and scandalous @TransMindful trying to cancel Aretha Franklin. All the crazy insane movements start in Europe and eventually find their way here! Why can’t women celebrate themselves and the gift of just being women? Incredible!

Additionally, the group asked Apple Music and Spotify to remove it from their streaming services.

In the thread, the activist group has since claimed that their original post is a “satire and not actually serious.”

Aretha Franklin’s Natural woman controversy leaves Twitterati outraged

Aretha Franklin’s 1968 song “Natural Woman” perpetuates several harmful anti-trans stereotypes. There is no such thing as a “natural” woman. This song has helped inspire acts of harm against transgender women. TCMA is requesting that it be removed from Spotify and Apple Music.

After the Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance deemed Aretha Franklin’s 1968 hit offensive to trans women, Twitter was left confused. Several users criticized the activist group for trying to cancel the late singer because of her song, stating that the cancellation culture has gone too far.

Others simply could not believe or judge whether it was right to cancel a song that was released more than 50 years ago. Check out a few of those tweets below:

This has gone too far and you are not coming after one of the Queen #ArethaFranklin greatest hits. Am I the only one who sees this as demented?

The left is now coming after the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, because the song “Natural Woman” is apparently offensive to trans women. So here’s a video of her performing in front of Barack Obama and some of the liberal establishment – ​​and of course they loved it.

Does TCMA know what “natural” means? To say that Aretha Franklin’s song “Natural Woman” is harmful to the trans community is wild. You are continuing the same discriminatory behavior that you are fighting against. You cannot rewrite the meaning of words to fit your narrative.

The left is trying to cancel Aretha Franklin’s song “Natural Woman” for being transphobic. These are the same people who say “Black Lives Matter” yet try to tarnish the legacy of a black icon who isn’t even alive to defend himself.

Like seriously the LGBT community is not coming after Aretha Franklin be serious 😭

@Klovnverden_ Honestly, I’m glad Aretha didn’t have to live long enough to see this shit. Let that woman rest.

The trans community is trying to cancel Aretha Franklin, but “you make me feel like a natural person with a uterus” doesn’t have the same ring.

This trans group wants to cancel Aretha Franklin, claiming her song “Natural Woman” is harmful because not all women are ‘natural’ and it’s derogatory towards ‘trans women’. Seriously awake people want to cancel everything! #Trans

After backlash, TCMA now claims it’s a “parody/satire” account

After the Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance’s tweet slamming Franklin’s song started gaining traction, the Norway-based activist group updated its Twitter bio to “Parody/Satire” now.

The organization’s social media bio states that it aims to promote “cultural change to ensure transgender inclusivity.” But in a follow-up tweet, the group slammed news organizations for ignoring the fact that it’s a parody account.

“I am STUNNED that not a single media outlet that reported on the Aretha Franklin tweet EVEN ATTEMPTED to contact this account for comment. Based on the sheer ridiculousness of the content on this page, how could JOURNALISTS fail to understand that this is parody/satire.”

I am STUNNED that not a single media outlet that reported on the Aretha Franklin tweet EVEN ATTEMPTED to contact this account for comment. Based on the sheer ridiculousness of the content on this page, how could JOURNALISTS fail to understand that this is parody/satire.…

In the same thread, the account further wrote:

“With zero research, high-level corporate media went ahead and published that statement as if it were true and as if TCMA is a legitimate organization.”

It further took a dig at the quality of journalism these days, adding “no wonder Joe Biden is in the White House.”

Aretha Franklin’s song A natural woman is considered to be a powerful song with a motivational message by masses around. In 2015, the late singer performed it at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, at a ceremony honoring authors Gerry Goffin and Carole King.

“There was good reason, then, why Obama wanted Franklin to sing “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” at his inauguration in 2009, a watershed moment for the spread of hope in America and a shining triumph for the determination of African-American community.” -ROLLING STONES.

Born on March 25, 1942, Franklin was a native of Memphis, Tennessee. The late singer was dubbed the “Queen of Soul” and was twice listed at number nine in the Rolling Stones 100 greatest artists of all time. She is one of the best selling music artists globally.

She died in August 2018 after battling advanced pancreatic cancer at the age of 76.

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