Infiniti is trying to make black paint interesting

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There is, in the current state of the automotive world, not as much color on cars as there should be, with car manufacturers prioritizing things like “sales” in an attempt to justify why customers can have the color they want for as long it is white, black or a shade of grey. Infiniti said Tuesday it has a new color that isn’t white, black or a shade of gray. Of course it will be “extremely rare”, because let’s not get too out of hand. But: Black Opal Metallic it’s called, and it will be on some 2023 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400s.

The color of the car will change depending on lighting and viewing angle, Infiniti says. For example, the color in the top image looks green to my eye, while up close it looks more like a shimmery purple-ish greenish-black:

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Photo: Infinity

Whereas in this picture it actually looks black or dark purple.

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Photo: Infinity

The color is inspired by opals, you might have guessed, which Infiniti informs me is “mineraloid formed from hydrated silica”, with the black versions most commonly found in Australia. This version of the Q50 will actually be called the Black Opal Edition, and the badges will also be blacked out on the back. A carbon spoiler, meanwhile, is intended to make the car more pleasant to look at.

The whole package will also be an extra $2,200, assuming you’re good enough friends with your local Infiniti dealer to even get one of these rare and highly coveted cars (at least one of those things is true).

You may also remember the purple one on one definitely different car in Nissan’s history, which is very deliberate as Infiniti says this purple is actually Midnight Purple. The Q50, meanwhile, is still in its first generation, almost a decade old now. This new color might be trying to distract you from that, or maybe even hinting that a major update is around the corner.

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