Here’s where you can still buy an iPod touch

After Apple announced it is discontinuing the iPod touch (7th generation) yesterday and retiring the iPod altogether, consumers have been rushing to retailers in-store and online to buy one of these devices. The product is only being sold at retailers while supplies last.

While we do not have exact inventory counts, here’s what we know is in stock. We’ll continue to update periodically as inventory changes.


On Apple’s website, the iPod touch is completely sold out.

Best Buy

Best Buy is sold out of all of the 32GB options with the exception of the Space Gray model. For 128GB, you can still buy a Blue and a Space Gray. Please note that the Space Gray options are a bit more expensive than the other colors at Best Buy. Additionally, all of the 256GB models are out of stock.

Best Buy includes three months of Apple TV +, six months of Apple Music, and six months of Apple News + for free when you purchase an iPod touch. Each subscription is for new subscribers only.


Target only has a 32GB option available for both the Blue and Space Gray models. Every other iPod touch is sold out.

For new subscribers, Target does offer four months of Apple Music for free through its Target Circle program.


Walmart is where you’ll find some of the best prices for an iPod touch. 32GB is no longer available in Blue or (PRODUCT) RED. The 128GB is available in Space Gray and Pink. Walmart is entirely sold out of 256GB options as those seem to be the most popular models at many retailers.


The iPod touch is currently listed as a best seller on Amazon and there’s even a 5% discount on what’s available. The 32GB is available in Gold and Pink only.

Must-have accessories for your iPod touch

Keep in mind, inventory at these retailers will change throughout the day and we will continue to keep you updated on where to buy an iPod touch.

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