Google TV might be solving the worst part of setting up a new device

Anything’s better than entering a password using the on-screen keyboard

Setting up a new smart TV can be a real hassle. Not only do you have to get it hooked up to the internet, install plenty of patches and updates, and organize your home screen, but you’ll also need to log into all those streaming apps you rely on for entertainment. These days, that process can take hours, but some changes might be coming to Google TV to make that ordeal much smoother.

The folks at 9to5Google dug through a recent update to the Google TV Setup app and found language suggesting that logging into your library of apps might be in for some much-needed improvements. According to this update, the setup process might connect to any of the streaming services you’ve connected in Assistant settings, a necessary step for bypassing logins when casting to supported displays. As 9to5Google points out, Google has already used this process to sync with Google TV’s app in the past for recommendations, but with this update, it would go even farther.


Once this feature is active, any streaming account you’ve linked to Assistant should automatically download and install the app during setup, even if it’s not one of the default apps included on Google TV. Once it’s downloaded, Google will share your account info with the app to bypass those annoying login codes – or worse, having to type an excruciatingly-long password using an on-screen keyboard.

The specific language used within this update to the setup process mentions Google accounts – not Assistant specifically – though when it comes to modern-day Android devices, there’s not much of a difference anyway. Frustratingly, Google TV remains a unique platform from Android TV, which means only those users buying specific products will benefit from this. Sorry, Nvidia Shield TV owners, but you’ll still be pecking away using your remote’s D-Pad.

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