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The man who burned a woman alive in a gruesome Brooklyn murder last year flew off the handle after she destroyed his comic books and video game console, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Lashawn Duffie, 28, was held on bail following the Brooklyn Criminal Court hearing where he faced murder and kidnapping charges in the killing of Surgery’s Ramirez.

Prosecutors said the violence began outside Ramirez’s apartment building on Van Siclen Ave. near Fulton St. in Cypress Hills on Nov. 11 when Duffie confronted the victim about destroying his belongings earlier.

He was also furious with Ramirez, 40, because Duffie thought she was “sleeping around,” prosecutors said. The two previously had a relationship, although the details were not known.

Duffie punched a friend of Ramirez’s who was standing with her outside the building and stole $800 from him, prosecutors said.

After the robbery, he made his way to a nearby bodega where he was caught on camera buying twine, lighter fluid and a lighter, they added.

He returned to Ramirez’s building, beat her, tied her to a chair and poured gas on her. He then lit a match and left the woman to burn alive in the apartment.

A witness told police he saw her tied up and Duffie dousing her in lighter fluid, but he inexplicably walked away without trying to stop the crazy man, prosecutors said.

The city medical examiner determined that Ramirez died of severe burns and homicide.

Duffie’s defense attorney told the court that he lives in a shelter and has a child.

He was held on $500,000 cash bail or a $1 million bond, which he did not post.

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