Twitter dislike option, edit buttom for offensive tweets starts rolling out

It looks like Twitter has finally brought about the edit tweet feature, albeit for a very specific use case for now. We will talk about the new edit tweet feature in detail, but there’s one more feature the app has in store for us – a new like/dislike feature, which will let you engage with a tweet and check out its stats right from the notifications panel .

Editing tweets will finally be possible, but only the “inappropriate” ones

Spotted first by tipster Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings)Twitter has started rolling out a new abusive language filter, which, instead of deleting offensive tweets like some other platforms do, informs the tweeter of the potentially harmful or offensive language and suggests them to edit their tweet before it is published.

As seen in the picture, Twitter will soon give you a heads-up if you are about to post something which might be offensive/abusive. The moment you press the tweet button, a pop-up will appear on your device screen, which will let you edit the tweet, delete the tweet, or, well, tweet the tweet if you choose to go through. Plus, Twitter is open to feedback, and if you think that your tweet is not offensive, you can tell the platform of the same, so that the algorithm does not flag the same text as inappropriate in the future (if it is not found offensive , that is).

The next feature lets you like/dislike (downvote) a tweet directly from the notifications panel. Twitter has been testing the downvote feature for quite a while now, but the icon has now been arranged at a more convenient location. Plus, Twitter will now show the tweet stats right in the notifications section itself, which will help you engage with the tweet without having to go through the hassle of opening it and then engaging with it. Although not a very big change, the feature could turn out to be quite useful for those who are very active on Twitter.


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