Series to use Samsung, BOE, LG OLED displays

iPhone 14 series display specs

According to Omdia’s market report, the next generation iPhone will get four variants – a standard variant, a ‘Plus’ variant, and the usual Pro and Pro Plus models. This will see the series skip the older ‘mini’ variant of the iPhone in favor of large screen models only. However, these models will be split across using LTPS OLED and LTPO OLED displays, depending on the variants.

As per the report, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will use LTPS OLED displays, measuring 6.1-inch and 6.9-inch, respectively. While the standard variants previously featured 60Hz refresh rates and LCD displays, the use of the new OLED displays will bring higher refresh rate – but not the variable refresh rate (VRR) feature that are available in the ‘Pro’ variant.

The ‘Pro’ variants, which would also offer the same screen sizes as the standard and Plus models, use LTPO OLED display instead. This would allow it to be more efficient in operation, and also offer VRR on the phones. Apple could also bring always-on display support to the Pro models, since LTPO OLED displays are generally used on all devices that offer always-on displays.

The report further adds that Apple could offer two different notch styles with the iPhone 14 models this year. While the standard and Plus variants are expected to use the same, old notch design, the Pro models will have a two-part notch layout-with one part featuring the Face ID apparatus, and the other using a drill-hole slot for the front camera.


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