Schwinn electric bikes are $ 500 off this Prime Day

Schwinn Kettle Valley

If you’re looking for an electric bike to cruise into your next summer adventure, look no further: The Schwinn Mendocino and the Schwinn Kettle Valley are more than $ 500 off this Prime Day. These unprecedented, exclusive deals are happening on Amazon right now, and they expire in a day.

The last time the Schwinn Kettle Valley went on sale was March 20, and even then, it was only discounted to $ 1,445. Right now, the usually $ 1,700 bike costs $ 1,190. That’s a savings of $ 510! This electric bike was designed for a comfortable commute, with a 375-watt internal battery that lasts up to 45 miles. You can recharge the battery on a standard outlet in your home, and it takes about four hours to recharge fully.

The bike has an 18.5-inch lightweight aluminum frame, and you don’t need to push as hard on the pedals: The 250-watt pedal assist function will power you up to 20 mph. There are seven speeds to choose from and a mechanical disc brake system in place.

The Kettle Valley supports riders 5’4 “to 6’2” tall. Like all Schwinn electric bikes, it can go up to 20 mph and is approved for bike trails in most cities and states.

The Schwinn Mendocino is even more heavily discounted than the Kettle Valley: It has a list price of $ 1,700, but it’s on sale now for $ 580 off. This model has 26-inch wheels instead of the 27.5-inch wheels on the Kettle Valley, but it still supports riders 5’4 “to 6’2” tall. It also offers six speeds instead of the seven on the Kettle Valley and doesn’t have the throttle, so you won’t be able to go as fast – but maybe you don’t need to. Instead of a 375W battery, you get a 313W battery with this machine. However, if you’re looking to cruise around your neighborhood or the beach and you don’t need the extra juice, this might be the perfect electric bike.

The Mendocino comes in either matte blue or charcoal gray.

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