Drop + Sennheiser gaming headset nears lowest price for Prime Day

Drop and Sennheiser have lowered their top-end gaming headset collab, the Drop + Sennheiser PC 38Xto just $ 139 for Prime Day 2022.

Sennheiser’s clout in the audiophile market is hard to overestimate, and the company’s entire lineup of non-gaming headphones is widely used among gamers for their incredible soundstage. This characteristic allows you to hear the exact direction even the quietest footsteps are coming from. Some of the best pro gamers in the world swear by the company’s $ 1,600+ HD800S headphones for this exact reason.

Shockingly enough, the model most frequently pointed to as being just behind that four-figure pair for in-game audio quality is this collaboration between Drop and Sennheiser. The PC38X offers open-backed earcups for rich, natural sound and a built-in, noise-canceling mic that sounds crisp and clear enough to make all of your tense in-game callouts understood.

The corded headset even comes with a pair of detachable cables that will let you leave one connected to your PC and one to your console of choice, nearly all of which are supported by its universal 3.5mm cable.

This wealth of sound quality and features have made the PC38X one of the most recommended options since its launch, even at its full $ 180 price. Now you can grab one of the best gaming headsets in the world for just $ 138.

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