AI Image Generator Shows What Ghost-Type Pokemon Mimikyu Would Look Like In Real Life

An AI image generator creates realistic images of the Ghost-Type Pokemon Mimikyu, showing just how terrifying it is in real life.

The Pokemon series has stayed family friendly over the years. Though many of the people who play the games have grown older, the Pokemon franchise has stayed on the safe side for its target younger audience.

Despite this, there are some aspects of the series that have dark tones. This is usually true of the PokeDex entries for Ghost-Type Pokemon, which can involve kidnapping children and stealing souls. One of the creepier Pokemon is Mimikyu, which hides under a rag designed after Pikachu and is supposedly involved in the death of humans.


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A Redditor known as AltoScribe uploaded AI generated images of the Pokemon Mimikyu that show the pocket monster on the side of a trail, looking terrifying. In each picture, it appears as if the Pikachu costume that Mimikyu wears was poorly cobbled together as it tried its best to deceive all of those around it. The images were made using a photo generator called DALL-E Mini, which distorts faces. The distorted aspect of the photos help capture the creepiness of the pocket monster and help cement the fact that no one would want to run into the creature late at night.

The commenters on Reddit do find the pictures of Mimikyu to be creepy, though there are a few that think they are on the cute side. Users feel that the AI ​​generator’s use of face scrambling works in favor of the post as it helps images look less like they’re put together by a computer and more like the creature’s failed attempts to be the Pokemon Pikachu. It is agreed that the photos capture the essence of the pocket monster as it attempts to go from terrifying to cute.

AltoScribe is not alone in uploading creepy Pokemon content. A fan of the series named Revival also uploads scary media based on the legendary series, helping show the franchise’s darker side. The uploader posted a small clip on TikTok of a trainer hiding behind a rock to avoid being discovered by a Marowak. It is seen that the person begins to prepare a Great Ball to capture the pocket monster and peeks out one more time. However, just as they look out from behind their cover, the Marowak’s bone flies at the screen, which then goes black. It is a terrifying look at a series that tries to be friendly for all ages.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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