Tsitsipas in cheeky invitation to Margot Robbie after reaching the Australian Open semi-finals

Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas had a very bold message for the actress Margot Robbie following his recent victory at the Australian Open in her home country.

The 24-year-old player said he would love to see Robbie at his next match, the semi-finals.

Tsitsipas‘ forwardness left courtside presenter Jim Courier speechless. The American asked the player if he felt at home in Australia after reaching the semi-finals for the fourth time and got an unexpected answer.

Tsitsipas’ invitation to Margot Robbie

It seems the Greek player is very much at home in Australia, comfortable enough to propose to a famous actress in front of a stadium full of fans and TV cameras.

“Australia is such a great country, I like a lot of Australian things,” said Tsitsipas

“One of my favorite actresses comes from Australia – Margot Robbie.”

This caused courier to encourage him by asking him if he was “pitching”.

“It would be nice to see her over there one day…” Tsitsipas said, gesturing to the crowd and possibly the player’s box.

courier couldn’t quite believe it and insisted with another question.

“So I want to be crystal clear here you are officially sending an invitation to Margot Robbie?” asked courier.

“Absolutely!” came Tsitsipas‘ reply.

To build schools

In another announcement that the crowd loved, the Greek player revealed that he would like to leave some of his prize money in the country if he wins the tournament.

“(I would give a) big chunk of the prize money to build a school in Victoria, which is the education state,” said Tsitsipas.

“I want to do that. I saw how difficult it is for many children around the world to go to school.

“I would really love to give an opportunity to kids in this state. That’s what Australia means to me.”

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