Tennis legend Roger Federer stars on the ski slope! VIDEO INSIDE

Waiting to outline his future, former Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer has posted a video on his Instagram account showing him relaxing on the ski slope. “It’s been 15 years so great to be back on the #newbeginnings track,” said the caption accompanying the photos.

Roger Federer’s farewell

2022 has been a very important year for tennis and its fans.

A vintage destined to remain in the history of this sport. One of the reasons, in addition to tennis results, relates to Roger Federer’s retirement. It has been exactly 4 months since his last official appearance. On September 23, 2022, the Swiss Maestro, so nicknamed, officially welcomed a world, Tennis, which has cradled and pampered him for over 20 years.

In connection with the lavish Laver Cup, created to see the best players from Europe and the rest of the world face each other, together with his friend, rival of a thousand matches, Rafael Nadal, he sold in doubles to the married couple Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe .

A defeat which obviously did not in any way affect the image of the eternal legend as it was. The tribute his teammates and rivals paid him at the end of the contest was moving. The Swiss tennis player, 20 times Grand Slam champion, was a true icon and is still admired and respected by all fans today.

Together with the Spanish champion and Novak Djokovic, he created extraordinary challenges that should remain engraved in the minds of his fans for a long time. In The 02 Arena in London, the 4 tennis players who started a hegemony that has long dominated the playing courts met for the occasion.

The Big Three, an exclusive group consisting of the three world phenomena Djokovic, Nadal, Federer. According to some rumours, the Maestro will commentate on Wimbledon 2023 for the BBC. Currently, Federer is not very interested in attending tournaments as a luxury guest.

Tennis Australia recently invited him to the 2023 Australian Open, but Roger declined the offer. Tennis Australia’s aim has now become to bring the Swiss to Australia in 2024, 20 years after his first of six titles at Melbourne Park.

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