Practiced with her once, then never again

Caroline Wozniacki seemed to cast a shadow on Jelena Ostapenko as she revealed during her match commentary that she once practiced with the letter and never again. On Sunday, Ostapenko played Cori Gauff in the Australian Open round of 16, and former Australian Open champion Wozniacki provided match commentary for ESPN.

Ostapenko, 25, has made a name for herself on the WTA tour, and it’s no secret that she’s not one of the favorite players in the locker room. “Let’s just say I practiced with her once and chose not to do it again.” Wozniacki said during her commentary on the Ostapenko and Gauff match for ESPN.

Wozniacki shaded Ostapenko, the letter was then asked an interesting question

After upsetting Gauff, Ostapenko was asked if it would be better for the Tour if more players were like her. “With me, it’s never boring (laughs) on the pitch, so I think that’s what the fans like.

Sure, sometimes I can go a little too far, but I’m generally an emotional person. It is always difficult to find this balance. As I’ve always said, it’s easy to judge from the outside, but when you’re in my shoes, it’s a little bit different.

All people are different. Someone is more calm. Someone is more emotional. So I’m trying to find a balance and I’m looking for it now. I feel like this week is a bit better (laughs),” Ostapenko said. Wozniacki, the 2018 Australian Open champion, played Ostapenko four times but never managed to break the deadlock.

In 2016, Ostapenko was just a teenager when she defeated Wozniacki in New Haven. The following year, Ostapenko and Wozniacki played three more times, with the Latvian winning each time. Their last meeting came in the French Open quarterfinals in 2017, when Ostapenko beat Wozniacki in three sets. After beating Wozniacki, Ostapenko won her first Grand Slam title at the French Open.

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