‘I do not know exactly what kind of injury …’

Andy Roddick thought that Novak Djokovic being ejected from his match at the US Open was “the most unfortunate thing ever.” At the 2020 US Open, Djokovic was playing very well and was the top seed for the title.

In the round of 16, Djokovic hit the ball in frustration and it hit a linesman. After 10 minutes of deliberation, the chair umpire decided that the Serb would be disqualified. Reflecting on that moment, Roddick thought he was very unlucky, as the American admitted that he used to do some more angry things, but that he was never disqualified.

“If you go back to the 2020 US Open, Novak was in full flight, killing people, it looked like he was going to get the all-time record,” Roddick told Kasich and Klepper’s podcast. “He hits the ball. It’s the unluckiest thing ever, because I did five things that were more furious, every match, but it hits a lady in the throat.

She goes down and he’s out of the tournament. So Australia spends this year with the, the vaccine, the, the vaccine drama. And it seems that he, from now on, will also not be able to come to New York and play in the US Open. “

A few years ago, Djokovic was the favorite to end the all-time Grand Slam record. Now, Rafael Nadal is the one who holds the Grand Slam record of all time with 22 Majors. Djokovic was unable to compete at the Australian Open this year and it is very likely that he will miss the US Open as well.

Djokovic is a tennis legend

Novak Djokovic spoke in detail about the injury he suffered during the match against Fritz while speaking about Rafael Nadal’s injury. “I do not know exactly what kind of injury he (Nadal) has,” Djokovic told Serbian reporters.

“From what I’ve heard, it’s a torn stomach muscle – but I do not know which one. I experienced a rupture of a muscle on the left side, which ruptured in the third round against Fritz. I wrote down everything that happened to me at the time, and if your question was aimed at the fact that some people did not believe that it was possible to play with such an injury – I can say that it is terribly difficult.

He also said that all of this has been recorded in a documentary that will be broadcast at the end of the year. “I drank all the painkillers in the world and did every possible therapy and treatment,” Djokovic added.

“I was on machines, devices and I noted and recorded all of that in a documentary that will be broadcast by the end of the year. Well, let people watch it and then they will be able to convince themselves of one or the other”

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