Everything you need to know about the dating history of American star Tommy Paul’s amazing girlfriend

Tommy Paul has finally become the talk of the town and he has many supporters on his side. With the unfortunate withdrawal of tennis sensation Sebastian Korda, the Americans will now look forward to a tough battle between Paul and Ben Shelton at the Australian Open. Along with Paul’s fans, his girlfriend has been at the yard happily cheering him on. However, she has not had the same experience all the time.

Her dating history includes the likes of Tyler Cameron and fallen actor Armie Hammer.

Nevertheless, she seems to have a good time with tennis player Tommy Paul. Here’s what we know about her unfortunate past dating life.


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Armie Hammer and Taylor Cameron – the dating life of Tommy Paul’s girlfriend

The American tennis player will face his own compatriot in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open. NCAA champion Ben Shelton will be on the other side of the court. And supporters of both players would want one of them to carry the US flag in the semifinals. Tommy Paul’s girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, is an Instagram influencer. Right now she’s busy rooting for him happily. However, that was not always the case, as she was a lover in the past.

The Instagram influencer has had a rather strange and plausibly dangerous dating history. It contains the name of Armie Hammer, the fallen actor in the world famous film ‘Call Me by Your Name’.

The actor not only received praise from critics after the film. Half the world swooned over the famous face. However, it got pretty scary when his “cannibalistic” messages appeared on the internet. Paige Lorenze talked about the terrible experience of dating him, even if it was for a short period of time.

She also dated Bachelorette Season 15 runner-up Tyler Cameron, who gained a lot of attention for her good looks. However, her relationship with him did not last long and ended within a month. She felt the only reason he was dating her was because he wanted some clout.

Besides these two, she also dated country singer Morgan Wallen. It seemed that it might extend to something tangible. However, it didn’t when the Instagram model made accusations that he cheated on him. She also dated Finnish professional ice hockey player Kasperi Kapanen, but it only lasted a few months before the couple broke up.

But that didn’t hold her back from her quest to find a real partner. The influencer started dating the tennis player back in 2022 and the two have also been having a great time in Australia.

Regardless of the pressure, Tommy Paul has time for romance


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The player has not forgotten his amazing girlfriend amid the pressure of the quarter-finals. The American tennis sensation dropped a cheeky caption after his girlfriend uploaded a stunning photo on a sunny beach.

The player commented, “Don’t look at me like that.”

It seems he won’t let the tension in their relationship be sidelined, no matter how intense it is.


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What if Paige Lorenze has finally found “the one”? Can her “the one” become “the one” at the Australian Open and take home the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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