Andy Roddick weighs in on ATP announcing record prize money increase

Andy Roddick is thrilled to see the ATP announcing a record prize money increase for 2023. On Thursday, the ATP announced that the total prize money compensation for 2023 will be $217.9 million. On the ATP Tour, there will be an increase of 12 percent – which means that $175 million will be distributed on the main level events.

When it comes to the Challenger Tour, there is a 21 percent increase as the total prize money compensation on the Challenger level rises from $12 million to $21 million. Roddick, the 2003 US Open champion, is especially happy for the Challenger Tour players.

Roddick: This is a step in the right direction for tennis

“Now, the Challenger guys could afford to chase their dream a little bit more without having to play for the next week. ‘Can I afford hotels? Can I afford to travel? Can I actually plan my schedule as needed? Can I afford the flights to go play on the surfaces that suit my games?’ These are all big questions when you are a [No.] 150 in the world so that is probably what I am happiest about as a tennis fan.

Going the right way, we always strive for progress and this is definitely progress,” Roddick said on Tennis Channel. Jim Courier, another American tennis legend, agreed with Roddick as he also noted that it is very important to offer a bigger prize money on the Challenger Tour.

“This is great news for the players, especially, I love it for the Challengers: the guys there just hoping to break even and keep the dream alive. That will be meaningful for them as they pursue their passion and try and get up to the big leagues where money is getting bigger and bigger.

This is massive,” Courier said. In recent years, many were calling for the ATP to increase the total prize money compensation on the Challenger Tour. The ATP listened to those suggestions and this week they announced something that will certainly benefit a good number of players in the men’s game.

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