Martino told him he was a ‘trunk’ so he won’t go to the World Cup with El Tri, even though he’s a star

Martino told him he was not that good

Gerardo Martino continues to cross off names for the final list of players to be called up for Qatar 2022 this November. In Liga MX there is an important player, with good numbers and who generates many chances in his midfield position, but for the coach he is simply one of the bunch.

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According to Gerardo Martino, the player lacks rhythm and is not dynamic enough to stand out in the national team. Martino wants the pieces that suit him best and he believes that this player is not it. The possibility of getting to the World Cup and fighting for a place is practically nil.

Thus, Victor Guzman said in an interview with TUDN that he has the ability to reach the Tri, but in conversation with the current coach Gerardo Martino, he would have known his real chances of representing the national team. That is, a very low probability because of the perception that Tata has of him.

Will he resign from El Tri?

Despite Martino’s position and his opinion about him, Víctor Guzmán will not give up the possibility of defending the colors of El Tri. Despite the fact that going to the 2022 World Cup is practically impossible, Guzmán will try until the last moment and will fight for a place.

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