“I only speak because I have to”

Stefano Pioli failed to find the right solutions for AC Milan as they suffered another heavy defeat conceding four goals against Lazio tonight. After speaking to the press, the manager admitted the obvious shortcomings.

Milan needed to bounce back from a four-game winless run but instead suffered another heavy defeat as Lazio dominated them from start to finish. A bad look not only for the players but also Piolo as informed before the match that he had the right solutions.

Speaking to DAZN, as quoted by MilanNews, Pioli stated that he only speaks to the media because he has to and that the team must return to work with Milanello immediately. In other words, it was not difficult to determine his mood.

How do you explain this knockout?

“That can be explained by quickly returning to Milanello to perform well, we deliver performances of our usual standard.”

What’s wrong?

“There are so many things that don’t work: mentally, tactically. I only speak to you because I have to, otherwise we would be silent.”

Is this the lowest moment of the Pioli era?

“It’s a delicate moment. In the last two and a half weeks we haven’t brought home any achievements or results and it’s clear that we all have to do better.”

What are you most worried about?

“It’s not easy. It’s not going well for us. Today we created situations to be dangerous. The problem today was not so much in possession, but when we were without the ball there was no cover, we need clearer communication . I only know one way to improve: work. All these negative results lead to negativity.”

Goodbye Scudetto?

“We have to resume the game as we know how to: this is our first objective and we must do it as soon as possible. Let us resume our journey and our path, I will try to talk less and work more.”

Can Zaniolo be useful?

“I don’t know. Tonight we’ll talk about the match, we’ll see other things in the coming days.”

Do you miss Ibrahimovic?

“It’s too easy to say now. We don’t want excuses. We’ve always believed in our way of playing. The boys want my support and the desire to be a competitive team again.”

Milan will take on Sassuolo next, but they will have to do so without their star Ismael Bennacer, who received a yellow card this evening. At least it means he won’t miss the derby due to accumulation of yellow cards.

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