“He didn’t contribute to the Scudetto”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic made a few headlines when he asked the AC Milan fans to send a message to Hakan Calhanoglu during the Scudetto parade. In fact, the Turkish midfielder has now responded to the matter.

During the Scudetto parade in Milan, Ibrahimovic asked the fans to send a message to Calhanoglu repeatedly. A few other Milan players, such as Theo Hernandez, also made sure the former Rossoneri player got to hear them.

In an interview with Tivibu Spor, as cited by FCInterNews, Calhanoglu was asked about the actions of Ibrahimovic during the celebrations. He decided to rip into the Swede, saying that he did not contribute to the Scudetto, among other things.

“He’s a 40-year-old man, I would not have done that if I was his age, he’s not 18. He likes to be at the center of attention. This year he did not contribute to the Scudetto, he practically did not play at all. But he does everything to attract the attention of the fans.

“I do not care at all, it’s not fair for a person who always calls me when I’m in Milan, who wants to go out for dinner and ride a motorcycle with me. I respected him. He also wrote about me in his book, he had to write these things otherwise his book would’ve been empty. I will not answer him, it’s better not to answer. ”

Although he said he would not respond, one can only take that as a harsh response from the Turkish midfielder. It’s not exactly strange that some of the Milan players are upset with him, given that he left on a free to join the biggest rival, also badmouthing the club.

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