Egyptian Doctor Gives Mohamed Salah Injury Update

You’ll be forgiven, after all of the drama that came after it, that Mohamed Salah was injured when Liverpool played against Chelsea in the FA Cup final. He went off in the first half with a thigh injury, and then missed the following league game. He did not start against Wolves in the season finale, but when Liverpool looked like they could pull out a surprise victory, he was called into action in the second half. He then played in the entire Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Despite pushing himself for the big games at the end of the season, Salah was not at 100%. Following his Liverpool duties, Salah traveled to join Egypt and play in an AFCON qualifier against Guinea.

The Egypt National Team’s doctor, Mohamed Abou El Ela, spoke about Salah’s current condition.

“Salah’s injury occurred during the FA Cup final in the adductor muscles, then he played against Wolves and in the Champions League final, and all of this in just 14 days,” he said.

“We send and receive players with medical reports, and Liverpool’s said he had pain and should get an x-ray, there’s not a 100% fit player, but there’s the question of whether he can push himself and play without risk.

“The club thought one game is enough and we chose the Guinea game because the second against Ethiopia would be hard for him to travel in a long flight. He couldn’t play another game after three days. ”

So not the most flattering picture of Liverpool, though he was fit enough to play at least once for his country. Klopp did try to give him the next two games off in the Premier League, though that did not end up happening the way he’d planned. And there was no one who wanted a Champions League final rematch against Real Madrid more than Salah.

After this, Salah will have a break and then rejoin the club for preseason training. Hopefully the rest will be enough to get him back into top shape to take on the next season.

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