Question of whether Daniel Snyder will testify to House Oversight Committee is not settled, yet

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They’re agreed on a date. But there’s more work to be done before Commanders owner Daniel Snyder will testify to the US House Committee on Oversight & Reform.

As explained by Mark Maske and Liz Clarke of the Washington Postthe Committee has accepted Snyder’s offer to appear remotely on July 28 – if he will provide “full and complete” testimony.

Snyder’s lawyer has articulated concerns about “due process,” offering that Snyder will appear voluntarily. Also, Snyder’s lawyer has said that he will not testify on matters covered by nondisclosure agreements. The Committee has rejected such limitations, reiterating the intention to subpoena Snyder – which will ensure the absence of restrictions. (NDAs always yield to the manatee of a subpoena.)

Said a Snyder spokesperson to the Post: “Mr. Snyder’s attorneys are reviewing the Committee’s letter to determine if their due process concerns, including the circumstances of Mr. Snyder’s appearance, have adequately been addressed. ”

The Committee wants an answer by Wednesday at noon.

My guess? Snyder will continue to find a way to delay the process. He’s trying, in my opinion, to run out the clock on the current Congress, hopeful that Republicans will take control of the House and end the investigation. No other outcome leads to a good place for Snyder.

That’s why the House needs to quit screwing around. Enough accommodations and negotiations. Snyder deserves no special consideration. He is a master, in my opinion, or using weakness to make people look foolish. And he’s currently making the Committee look very foolish, because the Committee continues to show weakness.

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