Chelsea build Hall of Fame for their legendary players and offer to market youth teams

(Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

Chelsea’s new owners plan to create a ‘Hall of Fame programme’ to honor their club legends.

The new Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital regime have plans to expand Chelsea’s operations beyond the traditional remit of an English football club by drawing on lessons learned from American sport.

One such example is re-signing former players in a ‘hall of fame’ programme, which expands the Legends matches and the 12 ambassadors currently on the club’s books.

Chelsea want to boost the current 12-man roster and include a section on their legends in a newly expanded museum at Stamford Bridge.

They will continue to play Legends matches and the next one is earmarked to be played in September. The club bets on one home and one away game per year for their former stars.

The Blues also want to market their academy games better and start selling out home games in the Premier League 2 and U18s.

The academy currently plays home matches at AFC Wimbledon’s old Kingsmeadow stadium with a capacity of almost 5,000.

Frustrations have been aired on the new board over why not all stands have been opened to spectators for youth matches, despite a 55 per cent increase to around 1,000 spectators per day. match.

Those numbers are respectable, but a lack of marketing has also led to a few attendances this season.

However, Chelsea have been successful in marketing their women’s team, who currently hold all three domestic titles.

A 29 percent growth in home audiences, with a further 62 percent growth for Champions League matches, highlights their success.

Big plans: Boehly-Clearlake Capital regime rebuilds Chelsea in their image (Getty Images)

Big plans: Boehly-Clearlake Capital regime rebuilds Chelsea in their image (Getty Images)

The prospect of filling Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge is becoming more and more achievable. A Champions League match scheduled to be played at the 40,000-seat venue in March is expected to sell out.

The expansion will lead to major goals across the club to increase revenue to around £1 billion a year.

They aim to do this by expanding into a multi-club model like Manchester City, improving commercial deals to match the cash flow earned by Manchester United and continuing to exploit ever-growing national and international television rights.

These ambitious plans come as Chelsea’s world record £420m transfer spend comes under the UEFA spotlight.

European football’s governing body plans to close a loophole that has allowed Chelsea to “game” their Financial Fair Play (FFP) system by offering record contracts of up to eight-and-a-half years in length.

They will force clubs to only offer a maximum of five-year deals to prevent clubs like Chelsea from spreading the cost of transfer fees over such long deals.

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