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You’re probably aware, but if you’re not, Vox Media/SB Nation announced last Friday that it would be shutting down nearly all of its NHL networks at the end of February, including us here at Broad Street Hockey. The news came as a surprise to us, despite deteriorating conditions for those of us who have worked here on the blog over the past year.

The pressure came from above us – and the rest of our friends at the other NHL blogs – to focus on clickbait, forget about quality and focus on quantity and clicks. Nothing was more important than making sure the company made as much advertising revenue as possible. And in a vacuum, Vox Media wanting to maximize the money made on our site and all the others makes perfect sense. In a vacuum we also want clicks! We want to be the place for Flyers fans to come for insight, analysis and fun. But we want to do that with quality, as we have always done. This has been difficult to do over the last several years as we have been asked to do more with less.

For reference, most of our writers here at BSH get $100 a month for 2 articles a week. That’s $12.50 per Article. And we are one of the lucky places; as a larger market with all of you incredible readers, we got one of the bigger budgets in the NHL Network to work with. Some of our colleagues on other sites were writing for $50 a month. Some were not paid at all. The point here, the reason I’m telling you all this, is because it’s important to understand that none of us are here for money. We’re here because we love doing this, we love this stupid team, and most of all, we love all of you and what we’ve created here together.

That is why we are determined to keep this community alive.

What will it look like? I do not know. I don’t know where we are going, what it will be called, or when we will get there. But we have to get there. I know because we have incredibly skilled, talented, well-connected people in the SB Nation NHL family (like Taylor Baird at Defending Big D and our own incomparable Steph Driver) who I’m sure will find us a new home where we can continue to bring you the best in fan-driven Flyers content.

This is where you come in. If you have some time, we would appreciate it if you would take this short survey to tell us a little about who you are. Knowing who makes up our community will allow us to know what to do going forward and how to make sure we bring you what you want as we move into the future of Broad Street Hockey.

We will not go quietly, friends. So stick with us.

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