We have a winner for most absurd Chicago Bears #1 draft trade idea

There is a chance the Chicago Bears hold the No. 1 overall pick. A bigger chance than some people will admit. That said, this is the highest probability that the election has been rigged in years. All it takes is a team willing to pay the necessary price to get it. The good news is that this 2023 draft class has some exciting quarterbacks at the top. If one of them differs from the rest, it will be the necessary incentive to trigger a deal. Therefore, several experts have taken turns projecting potential trades that could happen.

Some have been realistic. Some not so much. Still, probably the best one to date came in the absurd category thanks to Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports. Now he was right to project the possibility that the Las Vegas Raiders might move up. They are moving on from Derek Carr and have a vacancy at quarterback. Where things go off track is in two ways. One is their offer and the other is who the Bears take after the deal is done.

So the Raiders are giving up two future 1st round picks, a 2nd round pick, two 3rd round picks, a 4th round pick and a 5th round pick to move up six spots. For context, San Francisco gave up two future 1st round picks and a 3rd round pick to go from 12th to 3rd overall. Then there is the election itself.


The Chicago Bears don’t prioritize linebackers.

If Trapasso had bothered to do any research, he would have remembered that the team traded Roquan Smith a few months ago. This new regime led by GM Ryan Poles does not see linebackers as a premium position. He has said from the start that pass rushers, cornerbacks, offensive tackles and wide receivers are his focus. Tyree Wilson, Peter Skoronski and Paris Johnson Jr. are all still available in this mock draft. There is no doubt that the Poles would take one of them over Simpson. That’s why it’s dangerous to trust what you hear during draft season. Things always get out of hand.

Here’s what fans can be sure of. The Chicago Bears are 100% open to trades with the #1 pick. They will field calls from teams until their time on the clock if necessary. Poles are confident enough to pull the trigger if he hears an offer he likes. Last year showed that he is not afraid to trade down. It may also depend on whether he is willing to give up certain players who may not be available later. A trade is possible, but nothing like this.

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