The 49ers spent Week 15 in Seattle preparing for a possible playoff game at Philadelphia

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Of the eight games quarterback Brock Purdy has played for the 49ers, six have come at home. Road trips consisted of a week 15 visit to Seattle and a week 17 trip to Las Vegas.

Both Purdy and coach Kyle Shanahan explained to reporters Wednesday that the team used the Thursday night road game in December against the Seahawks as an advance preparation for a possible playoff game in Philadelphia.

“We’re going to do the same thing we did that week,” Shanahan said. “It was huge, just because it was our first game all year that it was so important and Brock hadn’t had experience with it and so it was great to have that, especially going to Philly. I remember that I talked about that week that we needed that. We needed that rep if we ended up in the NFC Championship in Philly and we got that and we were very fortunate. And I feel like we’re good to go. He knows what to expect, he knows how we do it, and we’re going to give him reps on it all week, but he got it ready in just a Wednesday, playing Thursday, so I feel that it won’t be a problem this week.”

Shanahan added that to simulate the noise in Philly, they will turn up the music in practice this week.

“When we played Seattle that week, Shanahan said it was good preparation for what we might have to play in, in terms of the playoffs, going on road games and obviously going to Philadelphia,” Purdy said. “Everything in this kind of game is about communication. How can you operate smoothly, get in and out of the huddle, get the game going the right way, make sure everyone’s on the same page, so that’s definitely a big emphasis this week, just in practice with the little things , the details of communicating and being on point. And it starts with the cadence, so it will be huge for us.”

It ends with Purdy not freaking out at the moment. Then again, he’s not freaking out yet, through eight games as Jimmy Garoppolo’s replacement.

If he leads the team to a win on Sunday and a spot in Super Bowl LVII, it will be very hard not to make him the starter in 2023.

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