Mother of 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey shreds ‘jabroni’ Bayless

Lisa McCaffrey, mother of San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, has beef with Skip Bayless.

The subject of his online rant started the latest episode of McCaffrey’s podcast, “Your Mother,” which was released last Thursday but began making the rounds this week.

Host Ashley Adamson asked McCaffrey if she watched Bayless’ tweet on the Niners running back. The repulsive Fox Sports personality said he’d take Dallas’ Tony Pollard over McCaffrey because he’s “just a little more explosive.”

In his tweet, Bayless had reversed the “e” and “r” in McCaffrey’s name. Adamson pointed this out with her deliberate mispronunciation of his name when she read the tweet.

“He’s jabroni,” McCaffrey said almost immediately in response. She defined jabroni, as it’s used in hockey, a guy sent out just to get into fights — an accurate description of Bayless’ entire deal.

“That’s what his job is,” she continued. “He’s not a real journalist. First of all, he’s not a real journalist because he misspelled Christian’s name! Sorry, let’s go back to basics here. … After I read it and saw the spelling wrong , I’m okay, I can’t trust what this guy says.”

McCaffrey then expressed his support for Shannon Sharpe, Bayless’ faux antagonist on Fox and the former teammate of her husband, Ed McCaffrey. “I’m always on your side,” she said of Sharpe. She then concluded with a parting message to Bayless:

“Get my son’s name out of your mouth.”

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