Ranking Penn State’s 2022 schedule in order of importance

The 2022 Penn State season is 71 days away. That’s one day away from 10 weeks. It’s a little more than two months. Soon enough, the Nittany Lions will be suiting up to face Purdue at Ross-Ade Stadium on a Thursday night in West Lafayette, Ind., In prime time on national television. That last sentence is enough to generate some excitement for the season.

With the season creeping ever closer, we’re going to take a look at some bigger picture storylines over the next few weeks. There’s a look at some of the best players on opposing teams that Penn State will face, along with your classic game-by-game schedule preview that might feature some concrete picks on the season will go from yours truly. There’s a lot to think about with the Lions looking to rebound from their 7-6 outing.

We’re going to start today by ranking the games of the 2022 schedule in order of importance. Now, James Franklin and company would tell you that every game is of equal importance and that none of the big picture projections if Penn State does not go “1-0” every week. But we do not have to abide by those rules.

The formula to judge “importance” in this context is incredibly unscientific. In going through the schedule, I looked at who the opposing team was and its 2021 performance, recent history in the series, where it falls in the schedule, the venue and any other factors that could come into play (game theme, “revenge spot , ”Etc.), and this is what I came up with. You can watch Tyler Donohue of Lions247 pick the games in the above video.

I feel like there will be plenty of discussion about Nos. 4-6, and I’m curious how you would order that stretch. Let us know in the comments and on the message boards.

Here we go.

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