How will 2023 quarterback recruiting shake out?

FSU football has some things it needs to figure out when it comes to 2023 quarterback recruiting. The Noles have four-star quarterback Chris Parson committed since July 2021.

The cousin of FSU great Terrelle Buckley has been all-in on the Noles for the majority of the time since his commitment.

However, a flare-up in early spring when five-star Dante Moore visited with some teammates was a red flag, but Parson and the coaching staff got back on the same page.

Parson has said all the right things, even while the coaching staff has communicated they would like to take two quarterbacks in this recruiting cycle. They need to take two quarterbacks since they only have three scholarship QBs on the roster and could lose one of those.

However, as soon as the coaching staff offered two Elite 11 Finalists in Brock Glenn and Rickie Collins, Parson seemed to start moving differently while also securing an Elite 11 invitation.

He posted a few new offers garnered, which was nothing new since he did that in January while committed to the Noles. However, once the news broke of Glenn and Collins officially visiting last week, Parson made plans to visit elsewhere.

He unofficially visited his parents’ alma mater, Mississippi State, which recently offered, and officially visited SMU this week, which recently offered. Let’s discuss how all of this could shake out.

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