The exit bombshell of the Suzuki MotoGP did not weigh on the riders in training at Le Mans

This weekend’s race at Le Mans marked the first round since last week when shock announced that Suzuki would be leaving MotoGP at the end of the campaign, with the Japanese marque officially confirming its intentions on Thursday at Le Mans. Mans.

Despite the uncertainty it caused for both riders, Friday at Le Mans proved strong for the Suzuki duo when Rins finished third overall and Mir was eighth to be prevented by a crash in FP2.

When asked by if it would be easy to put aside the news on Suzuki and focus on work, Rins said doing so was “pretty natural”.

“Sincerely, it’s easy to focus,” Rins begins.

“I’m pretty happy because I did that. It’s not easy to try to forget or put aside all the things that are going on, but we do it and I’m totally happy for it all.

“The atmosphere is pretty good, at least on my side.

“I feel pretty good about my mechanics, my crew chief, my engineers. Here in MotoGP if you’re blinking, you’re not in Q2.

“You have to be focused, I think I did a good job today but I did a good job.

“Yeah, I mean all those days you think you have to be more careful on the weekends, or push more or be more concentrated. But it’s pretty easy, pretty natural. It’s good news. ”

Alex Rins, Team Suzuki MotoGP

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

Teammate Mir said these types of off -track distractions creep in every season, but a rider has no choice but to put it aside when on a bike.

“In a normal year you always have some grands prix that you have some problems with,” Mir added.

“It’s normal. Maybe it’s personal, professional. You need to know how to separate all of these things.

“It is part of our job. Now, sure, we live in a difficult situation. But on the track it is completely the same situation.

“We are a really good team. For sure, the atmosphere is consistent when we work.

“We all want the same thing. But maybe on a Wednesday, a Thursday, you’ll find the team unhappy and that’s normal. And beyond this career, everything is new.

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