Super Formula mimics the sound of the V8 engine in the Messenger test

Japanese championship organizer JRP revealed at the Autopolis round last month that it plans to conduct an experiment by changing the exhaust layout of its current four-cylinder turbo engine to create noise reminiscent of previous V8 machines of the series.

Following the Sugo race on Sunday, the Toyota -powered development car driven by Hiroaki Ishiura – the so -called ‘Red Tiger’ – was fitted with a new exhaust for post -race test.

The Honda-powered ‘White Tiger’, driven by Koudai Tsukakoshi, maintains the standard engine, allowing for clear comparisons to be made between the two.

The Japanese edition of is on the ground for testing, and the volume difference between ‘Red Tiger’ and ‘White Tiger’ can be heard in the video below.

The effect of generating more sound is achieved by creating a separate exhaust pipe for the gases coming from the turbo wastegate, and releasing them at regular intervals along the main exhaust to mimic the sound of the four extra cylinders.

“I think this is a great test that will help expand our options for the future,” commented Yoji Nagai, the technical director of the next gen testing program. “Just being able to do this is a big step, and I think there’s more potential to be gained in fine tuning.

“People still remember the V10 engines from the Sportscar World Championship, and the V10s and V12s from Formula 1 in the old days.

“Reduction [the engine] that means less sound is produced, but I think V8 sound is the most appropriate option for a miniature engine. “

It is understood that Honda is also riding on the idea of ​​remaking the V8 sound and may have its own exhaust changes ready to try next time the next generation of Super Formula development vehicles are hit the track at Fuji Speedway next month.

As well as the sound test, Super Formula’s program of testing innovations aimed at reducing the series ’environmental footprint and improving race quality was also conducted on Monday, continuing testing on Tuesday.

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