Returning from femur injury, Tony Hawk reveals NASCAR driver’s relatable fracture story that had to be kept on the down low

Skateboarding provides an exciting experience that makes one willing to go for it, even though it is a risky sport. Injuries are a common occurrence and that doesn’t stop one from trying. Especially the legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk, who has always hit the board regardless of bruises, knockdowns, breaks and sprains.

At 53, Hawk recently suffered a broken femur. While Hawk could talk about it, the skateboard icon shared on the latest episode of Hawk vs Wolf about the fracture of a NASCAR driver who kept it under wraps and endured the ordeal.

The NASCAR driver was under contract


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People love to try skateboarding or snowboarding for the speed and excitement. On the Hawk vs Wolf YouTube channel, Tony Hawk shared an anecdote about NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson’s painful experience. Johnson went snowboarding on one of his breaks and broke his wrist. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell anyone.

Bound by a contract he was in, the NASCAR driver could not reveal it to the outside world. He had to enlist the help of his teammate in the pit crew to help him start the car. But the injury did not stop him from driving. On top of that, he won a race.


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22 days ago

Safe to say, Hawk resonated with the experience given the many injuries he survived during his career. Skateboarding is a sport you really can’t resist. Boxing legend, Mike Tyson’s near miss is another example of the same.

Tony Hawk reaches for Mike Tyson who slides off the board


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On the sets of the Hotboxing podcast, the former heavyweight champion, who suffered from sciatica, saved himself from a fatal fall. At the sight of a skateboard, Tyson jumped onto it to perform a quick feat. But that turned out to be a bad idea. The moment he stepped onto it, the wheels slipped and he lost his balance despite Hawk’s attempts to help. Fortunately, he landed on a couch a few steps later.


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Undeniably, adventure sports come with an unwritten “beware” label. But overcoming your fears and challenging them with exercise releases a lot of healthy hormones like dopamine. Have you had any adrenaline rush with skateboarding or any adventure sport? Share your experiences in the comments.

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