Mark Martin Reveals Good Letter From His Father To Ex-Driver Jack Ingram After Breaking His NASCAR Record

Recently, former NASCAR Cup driver Mark Martin posted a special handwritten letter from his father on social media. The contents of the letter were a special message to the late Jack Ingram, who dived between 1965 and 1981 in the Cup Series. Apparently, his father wrote the letter after Martin broke Ingram’s winning record in the Busch Series.


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Read the letter, “I appreciated what you said about Mark in the Winston Cup scene. You didn’t know me, I was Mark’s dad. I admired you so much when you were racing. I used to tell people that you were my idol in nailing. that person and NASCAR parking. I also felt pain for you when you lost your son. “


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19 days ago

“Mark and I both know how you have to work to do what you did. We also rode in one state tonight and another tomorrow, and arranged cars and haulers in the parking lot. I didn’t realize then, we were having so much fun. ”

What record does Mark Martin say?


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The former Roush Racing driver was determined to beat Ingram’s tally of 31 Xfinity Series wins, then dubbed the Busch Series. However, he acknowledged that NASCAR did not answer Ingram’s wins when he dived into the Late Model Sportsman Series. So, the statistics are really ‘bullsh **’ according to at 63-years-old. However, it was a touching moment for him, and possibly for Ingram as well.

Sadly, Jack Ingram passed away at the age of 84 in 2021 and he was the 1972 Late Model Sportsman champion. In the Xfinity arena, Ingram got a huge total of 31 wins.


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Safe to say, Martin broke that record with an amazing 49 wins. Unlike the late champion, Mark Martin was relatively successful in the Cup Series, earning 40 career wins and 7 Truck wins.

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