Kyle Larson calls Ty Dillon’s Indy crash ‘a big mistake’

BROOKLYN, Mich. — Kyle Larson says he’s ashamed of the mistake he made last weekend and is thankful Ty Dillon wasn’t injured when Larson crashed into Dillon’s car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“Just made a big mistake,” Larson said Saturday of the incident with Dillon in Turn 1 on the road course. “I got in there deep, and I got out of shape. I’m hoping that by the time I get it under control, I can go straight before they turn the corner.

“When I realized I was going to hit (Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s car), I tried to do everything I could to go right and miss them both. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

“It’s embarrassing. Feel really bad about wiping Ty out and just very thankful that him and I were both safe and not too injured. It’s scary for both of us.”

Larson drove too deep in the braking zone. He then swerved into a 90-degree right turn in an attempt to avoid hitting Stenhouse and Dillon.

“When you miss your braking point by a little bit, or a lot, there’s no slowing down,” Stenhouse said.

Dillon said he did not expect contact from Larson’s car.

“Usually, when you’re going to hit a wall or you see something coming, you’re going to tighten your core, tighten your muscles as much as you can — even me,” Dillon said. “I think different parts of your body may feel the effects differently.

“On that one, I didn’t prepare anything. I think my body just took a lot of the loss effect. I think that’s why my ribs hurt and everything.”

Dillon said he will be sick until Friday.

After the accident, Larson runs over to Dillon to check on him.

“I hit him hard and it knocked the wind out of me, so I know it was tough for him, too,” Larson said. “And it was 1,000% on me, so I wanted to make sure he was okay.

“I like Ty. He is a really good person. I immediately felt worse, and wanted to check on him the next day. Luckily, he understood the mistake and that made me feel better about it because I feel terrible about it and just glad we’re both safe.

Dillon said nothing was said in anger when Larson approached after the accident.

“I’m not mad,” Dillon said. “He’s too good a driver to do anything like that. I know Larson. I think he was shocked at first because he asked me, ‘What happened? I really do not know.’ (Dillon tells him) ‘You really hurt me.’ But I was happy to see that he was okay.

“When I came out. I’m still trying to get my moves back. Everyone was like, ‘You’re closing your eyes.’ I don’t have any foot problems. I’m just not sure what in my body is in the right place. So I just put my feet under it. I think he was just as shocked as anything. I can clearly see the fear and everything in his eyes.”

Dillon said he appreciated Larson checking up on him Monday.

“I’m sure from his position, it was really scary,” Dillon said. “He reached out to me on Monday checking in on me, and it was really kind.

“I know it was a mistake. Looking at (the data from Larson’s car), it’s really a rare mistake that you wouldn’t think he would make, but we’re all human. And that’s kind of how I told him, ‘Hey, we’re all going to make mistakes.'”

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